High recovery desalination with brine minimization up to Zero liquid Discharge(ZLD)

About Us


Hyrec offers some of the most energy-efficient high recovery desalination and Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) solutions through our advanced Osmotically Assisted Reverse Osmosis (OARO) process.

Eventually, we will be able to extract other dissolved seawater minerals, offering a more economically sound and sustainable mineral sourcing solution than traditional land mining or electrolysis.

Our Projects & Investments

With projects and investments around the world, we’re exploring new technologies and expanding our reach. We’ve partnered with the Kuwait Institute of Scientific Research, providing them with a research lab, with Hyrec5G to set up desalination plants in West Africa, and with Hyrecmas to develop a plant in Indonesia.

Our flagship project in Indonesia will produce 25,000m3 of desalinated water per day and 210,000 tons of food-grade salt per year.

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Hyrec’s OARO (Osmotically Assisted Reverse Osmosis), a brine concentration process in which salinity is maintained on both sides of a membrane at different concentration levels, reducing the driving pressure to overcome the osmotic pressure (based on the diffential not the feed osmotic pressure) needed to drive water from the higher salinity feed to the lower salinity permeate. 

A high-pressure pump is used to drive desalinated water through the membrane to the membrane inner channel. The system operates at standard RO (Reverse Osmosis) 70 bar pressure resulting in low power consumption, and producing desalinated water and near saturation brine, which can be crystalized into high purity salt at competitive prices.

Our processes offer a spectrum of applications including high recovery desalination, mineral recovery and concentration, Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD). Our membrane-based technology makes the crystallization process more energy efficient and cost effective resulting in low cost production of high purity salts and desalinated water.