SALT 2018 London

October 17, 2017

The international conference for the salt industry

Roskill, the market leaders in providing market information on materials and minerals, including salt, soda ash and potash, are ideally placed to bring you the Salt 2018 Conference to address the key issues in this market.

To take place at the five star Tower Hotel, adjacent to the iconic Tower of London on the River Thames, the conference will bring together a panel of high profile international speakers to offer market updates and commercial insight as well as news of latest developments in products and technology.


Session 4

Innovative, Membrane-Based Concentrator to Produce Purified Brine from Seawater with a Low Energy Consumption for the Solar Salt, Chlor-alkali & Soda Ash Industry

Günseli Mendi, Process Development Specialist, Hyrec

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