WATER & WASTES DIGEST: Hyrec Successfully Deploys Pilot Test Plant

December 14, 2018

Hyrec has successfully deployed a pilot test plant. The system is designed to achieve a final brine concentration of up to 250,000 ppm TDS NaCl while operating at less than 70 bar. The technology is now ready to be fully commercialized and applied to brine concentration projects throughout the world.

Hyrec’s OARO pilot plant has demonstrated that it can achieve higher brine concentration than conventional thermal technologies with very low energy consumption. By integrating Hyrec’s OARO technology in ZLD projects, customer will be able to substantially reduce both capital costs and operating costs as well as recover valuable salts like NaCl, Na2SO4, LiCl, CaCl2.

Originally published for the Dec. 21 Business News Round up of “Water and Wastes Digest” magazine